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WordPress.com BLOG (Not WordPress.org)

WordPress.com BLOG (Not WordPress.org)
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Are you looking for help for your WordPress.com website#
I can help you with minor issues.

@ 1 SERVICE PER 1 ISSUE begins with # symbol in the list below.
@ If you have more issues you must buy more Services.

Here is the LIST of WordPress minor help begins with # symbol :

# Display your about.me profile with thumbnail
# Display the number of spam comments Akismet has caught
# A monthly archive of your site’s Posts.
# Show a grid of author avatar images.
# Display blogs authors with avatars and recent posts.
# Display your BandPage content
# Display linked images for the blogs you follow
# Show a hit counter for your blog.
# Share your Box.com uploads with your visitors directly on your blog.
# A calendar of your site’s Posts.
# A list or dropdown of categories.
# Your most used categories in cloud format.
# Display your location, hours, and contact information.
# Add a custom menu to your sidebar.
# Adds a sidebar widget to display del.icio.us links.
# Displays a list of recent posts from another WordPress.com or Jetpack-enabled blog.
# Display a Facebook Like Box to connect visitors to your Facebook Page
# Display your recent Flickr photos.
# Add an email signup form to allow people to follow your blog
# Add a WordPress.com follow button to allow people to follow your blog easier
# Display a photo gallery or slideshow
# Display your books from Goodreads
# Insert a Gravatar image
# Display a mini version of your Gravatar Profile
# Display an image in your sidebar
# Display your latest Instagram photos.
# Show your support for the Internet Defense League.
# Show your readers that you voted with an "I Voted" sticker.
# Your blogroll
# Login, RSS, & WordPress.org links.
# Display a countdown to a certain date.
# A multi-song music player
# A sampling of users from your blog.
# A list of your site’s Pages.
# A list of the posts I most recently liked
# The most recent comments
# Your site’s most recent Posts.
# Readmill has closed its doors. http://readmill.com/
# Entries from any RSS or Atom feed
# Links to your blog’s RSS feeds
# A search form for you

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