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I can compose you a ful perfect song from scratch

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Dear Customer

I am a great melodist-composer and lyricist (songwriter) with more than 170 songs behind and more than 250 lyrics. I can create a nice old-school melodic song or a modern styled one in the most popular jenres starting from pop, over pop-rock and rock to blues and jazz. I can also do R’n’B and Hip-hop but I don’t feel them my native jenres though you will be satisfied by result as well.
Please, be aware that your song won’t be a high quality song of commercial level. I shall just provide you an mp3 (home recorded) file with your song for only 5 dollars in three days and if you want extras look through my offer thoroughly.
Your song consists of two verses (4 lines each) and one chorus (4 lines each as well) which will totally do 12 lines. If you want more then look extras!
Keep in mind that a song I compose for you is not for commercial usage. If you are planning to commercialize the song later you should first buy out the intellectual property ownership by means of signing an appropriate contract with me. It will cost you $60.

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