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I will teach you to be psychic

I will teach you to be psychic
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I believe that being psychic is a skill, it’s someone anyone can learn as long as they practice. If you are a beginner or advanced, these courses will offer valuable information to all. These teachings are based on the same teachings of the Aspen Program for Psychic Development but have additional information from other sources. In my opinion, this is all you need to become psychic.

You will receive a PDF of my course that I teach. Each course is broken down into 4-5 sections, each section being a few pages. Each section has homework to complete.

If you’d rather not read, all of these courses are in video format on Intuitive Network dot org with even more information and resources. If you watch these videos on the website you may also pay an additional price to become a certified Psychic Reader through our program.

Basic Course 1:
-What Is Intuition
-Psychic Health
-Removing Blocks
-Boundaries: The Importance of Ethical Practice

Standard Course 2:
-How to Turn Your Ability on/off
-How to Receive Information
-The 6 Claire’s
-How to Conduct a Reading

Advanced Course 3:
-This course is currently being written!

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