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PersonThe Book of Me Print

PersonThe Book of Me Print
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The Book of Me Personalized Print

This unique and wonderful keepsake print contains several paragraphs of fun, interesting facts and accurate data specific to the owner and their birthday. The young and old appreciate reading about themselves in this print which is all about them. The print includes the meaning of your name, the local origin, the day you were born, the phase of the moon, birthstone, birth flower, lucky day of the week, lucky numbers, dog years, world population and so much more.

The information provided in these prints is auto-generated by our software. We have no control of what they include. The prints are for entertainment purposes only and we are not liable for the accuracy of the content. The "Book of Me" makes a great personalized gift!!!

Please enter your personalization information, use proper case and punctuation.
Do not use ALL capital letters. We will not be responsible for errors if you do.
Double check your information carefully to avoid errors in your book.

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