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I will Personalized Star Almanac- Name A Star After YOU

I will Personalized Star Almanac- Name A Star After YOU
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Would you like to name a star for someone?

There are trillions of unnamed stars in the vast universe, millions of stars that have been named and untold billions that have not.

Now you can name a star. Give as a gift. There is a star in a distant galaxy waiting to be named. Perhaps your name or maybe the name of a child or loved one. What a splendid idea! A star is truly born when it receives it’s name.

The International Star Naming Authority, publisher of "The Star Almanac" is opening its archives right here, right now in for new entries, and that priceless opportunity can be yours.

Upon completion of the naming process, your star’s new astronomical name, galactic location and other scientific data will be permanently entered into our official name archive both online and in our official book, The Star Almanac. You receive your own searchable individual web page online in our archives, simply enter your archive number on your certificate on website: StarAlmanac.com.

This personalized certificate comes complete with the seal from the Star Naming Authority to authenticate your naming rights. Truly a gift for all ages.

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