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Home Sweet Home “The Cross Stitched Sampler Goes Digital"

Home Sweet Home “The Cross Stitched Sampler Goes Digital"
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In case you are not familiar with a (needlework) sampler, it is a piece of embroidery produced as a demonstration or test of skill in needlework. It often includes the alphabet, figures, motifs, decorative borders and sometimes the name of the person who embroidered it and the date.

This our computerized version, our take of the traditional Home Sweet Home Sampler.

Tons of possibilities. Every line can contain any words you choose. In our sample below, we chose "Home Sweet Home." It could say "Home Sweet RV, " or "Home Sweet Motorhome," or "Bless Our Home." Beginning to see the possibilities? How about Home Sweet Houseboat, or Our Mountain Home… well you get the idea. Get creative!

No matter what you choose, the text size will shrink/expand to fit your words on the page. It is fully automated.
Note the photo-realistic look and feel of the print. Note the embroidery font. When encased in a rustic wooden frame, it actually looks like cross-stitched needlework, framed! Add all the family member’s first names and even the dog and cat. It all auto-fits the width.

Presentation quality, 300 dpi print, 8×10 inch photo size, centered on U.S. Letter or A4 Language Neutral. You type anything into the text box, it will work in any language.
True print preview in full color (colors not changeable to keep color scheme) True WYSIWYG Literally any text on all lines.
Prints in all CAPS, just like real cross-stitch exemplars.

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